Yep, it’s not over, I’m just taking a break. I’ve found out that I’m unable to truly focus on more then one thing at a time and right now, that one thing is CraftCon, a huge czech Minecraft convention which I’m the “head” of. It’s happening at the end of October so hopefully I should be able to resume working on G.I. in November. We’ll see how Uni turns out.

Now, G.I. isn’t only me and I can’t relly speak for Nigerfur (autochton [he keeps changing his nickname] is a slacker but will return i hope). Frankly, I wouldn’t want to work with myself if you paid me for it and I’m not giving her a cent for what she does. And I don’t really treat her that well. So yeah, can’t tell if she’ll return.

Anyway, the plan is to take this a little bit more seriously. This comic is my child and something I really wanted to do for a long time and I’m not going to abandon it anytime soon. So I will try to focus harder on my writing and hopefully get some routine going. Best case scenario, I’ll make a nice “stash” of jokes to supply the comic for few weeks and to prevent Real Life from getting in my way.

Sorry to everyone that it took me so long to write this.

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Nothing that I know of. He’s not much of a social fellow.