Working hard
I have no idea how the hell those daily comic guys manage to keep producing content on schedule. I mean, I make one joke a week and even that requires hours and hours of thinking every day. And in the end it isn’t even guaranteed to be actually entertaining.

Also the whole proccess of producing a comic isn’t only about making a joke that works. Not only do I have to make it so there is enough time left for actually drawing it (at which I fail repeatedly) but it also has to be fairly original (I have to be carefull to not repeat the same setting/character too often) and preferably not based on a time-period-dependable reference (with a weekly schedule, the content is stretched over a wider time period and so it’s more likely someone wont get the joke when reading through the archive. Daily comics doesn’t have to deal with this problem, cause they focus on the daily reader, and the amount of content they produce ensures that either noone will go through the whole archive, or they won’t care if they dont get one joke from 50).

That’s the struggle I have to go through in order to give you one comic a week. Sure, I’ve pretty much just started, but still, guys like Brad Guigar, Scott Kurtz or Kris Straub are an amazing comics wizards from outer space in my eyes.

Yours hardly working,