What is this? Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Could it be that we got a REAL site?
HELL YEAH WE DID! It’s legit and it’s ours! I can tell by the lack of money in my pocket!

Welcome to GeneralInterestComic.Com!
I was starting to get really fed up with the Comic Genesis hosting. It served us well but it was also highly restricting customization-wise (at least for someone with the amount of CSS knowledge comparable to those of a potato) and if we ever were to expand the site, this would become a huge problem. Also, we can have Ads now (if we ever need them and I’m not too lazy to set them up), and Blog, and i don’t even know what else but apparently there is plenty. Though i guess we should maybe, just maybe, start with the site design. This one is, again, a result of my laziness, low web programming knowledge and a total lack of any artistic sense whatsoever. So if you eyes are bleeding right now, I’m very sorry. I actually even got a web designer, but I’m bad at explaining how i want things to look(with which Nigerfur has to deal on a weekly basis with me) and I ended up doing it myself just so i can avoid it. As you can see, it’s not the best way to do it, and i’ll have to man up and actually make some kind of draft and let someone qualified do it.

Heh, guess that could be more then enough explaining. If you have any questions, feel free to make use of our shiny new comments. Happy New Year and keep coming back!

Team G.I.